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A quick and easy vegan, raw combination of hazelnuts, pecans and coconut shavings. 


Dairy free

Gluten free

Refined sugar free



Perfect for those who enjoy their chocolate! I am a huge chocolate lover but I have turned my cravings from the bad stuff to th...

This is one of my favourite (quick and easy) food prep dishes to make on a Sunday night, which will keep fresh the first half of week. This dish can be stored in a plate or glass jar in the fridge, making the perfect accompaniment to any breakfast, lunch, dinner or sna...

Granola has a reputation for being high in sugar, so why not make it yourself and
take control of the amount of sweetener you put in. There are other alternatives
to sweetener such as coconut nectar, brown rice syrup and maple syrup, which
are much better alternatives...

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Nutritional support when you have covid-19

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