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  • Kat D'Andrea

Nutritional support when you have covid-19

On Top of the general hand washing guidelines and staying at home, there is a lot we can do at home to help build up our immune system. This will benefit your mental and physical health as well as encourage your body to help combat any infection.

Whilst a pandemic is happening, I believe it is important to focus on building up our internal environment so that when a virus hits the body our defence system within is at optimum level to help combat and fight disease.

As soon as I feel sickness is coming on within my body, I tend to increase my vitamin C intake and the nutrients mentioned in Nutrition and immune building for Covid-19.

If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 then, It may be helpful to drink plenty of fluids and less solid foods. I would suggest sticking to hearty spicy soups and apply some of the recommendations on the list below.

This is not a form of healing for Covid-19. If your symptoms get worse please follow the guidelines on

  1. Echinacea - best taken at the very start for the first 2 days only. It helps the body produce more white blood cells to fight at the very start before the virus goes deeper.

  2. Decrease coffee and increase green tea or matcha latte. Green tea extract helps respiratory infections and asthma.

  3. Activate the immune system in the morning in the shower by switching the water from hot to cold. It does not need to be extremely hot and cold, just a change in temperature to help the blood flow and immune cells flow through the body. Switch the temperature every 30 seconds for 4 minutes.

  4. Cut back on dairy and bananas if you become infected. Dairy and bananas are very mucus forming and so your body will find it harder to expel the mucus as it gets stuck.

  5. Ginger - my most favourite and simple remedy to help break up mucus. The easiest one for everyone to do. A thumb size of grated ginger. Freshly squeezed lemon juice and hot water in a mug. Drink 3 a day.

  6. Thyme - Encourages a productive cough through forcing out mucus in the lungs. Add to chicken, tomato, pasta and fish dishes. This is also a great drink to have if you have a dry irritating cough. Rub 2-3 twigs of thyme in between your hands then pour water boiling water and leave for 3 minutes. Two cups a day will be sufficient.

  7. Yarrow tea - The brand Salus provides a good yarrow tea. Very good for early stages of infection when you have a fever. For the first 1/2 days drink regularly and allow your body to sweat out toxins. Rest and sleep.

  8. Ointments - don't forget tiger balm and other menthol ointments help relieve mucus. Just remember not to take this alongside any homeopathic remedies.

  9. Homemade tea - Mix up 2-3 of the following - Green tea, peppermint leaves, Lavender, chamomile, yarrow, elderflower in a large pot with a large thumb worth of grated ginger. Boil, and drink a large teapot amount throughout the day. It will make you sweat and cool down for the first day. Stop after 2 days.

  10. Eliminate refined sugars. Alcohol, chocolate, biscuits - they have no nutrient benefit during a virus and will expel vitamin c and other nutrients out of cells which are needed to fight off viruses.

  11. Bryonia or elderberry - For a dry cough. I have byronia in a form of a homeopathic remedy from Helios which you can get on their website. This is only to be used when the cough arrives. Elderberry is a syrup form, available in most supermarkets. Some of these you can take for kids over the age of 1 only, however not all of them are safe for children so please always read the label. I would advise to take elderberry as an extra immune boosting remedy for the winter months every 3 days. Take extra every day at the first sign of feeling unwell.

  12. Chest compression - Chop up onion and fry in a pan with a little water. Bring to boil, add a small cloth and let it cool down. Apply to the chest to help break up mucus.

  13. Colloidal Silver - antibacterial. A natural mineral, that used to be used before the invention of Antibacterial soaps. Everyone went stir crazy purchasing antibacterial wipes and sprays. However, we can always make our one up. If you were fortunate enough to get hold of Colidial silver - This is an antiseptic which does not only kill bacteria but also destroys viruses. I usually spray a tiny amount in the air in front of me and walk through before I go outside or dilute with water and spray on surfaces. A tiny amount is only needed of the silver.

  14. Golden milk/Turmeric latte - Try to have at least 1 golden milk or turmeric latte a day. Add a teaspoon of turmeric into a pan, a sprinkle of ground black pepper, thumb worth of grated ginger, sprinkle of honey, boil with hot water and pour over milk of choice.

**If you are pregnant - please seek medical advice from a qualified nutritional therapist as many herbs and products are not advised.


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