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  • Kat D'Andrea

Avocado + Raspberry Protein Pot

Springtime beginnings on 20th March. I love the transition from winter to spring, where the evenings get lighter and we can start switching up our breakfasts.

Protein for breakfast is pretty essential and keeps us fuller for longer. Protein transports hormones. It also powers up our brain for the energy ahead, balancing out blood sugar levels and helping us to remain productive. Chia seeds are a great source of protein and provide just that little more omega 3 than salmon. Little ones from 9 months can have a breakfast like this but without the protein powder. I normally make my son's version first then I add in the plant based protein powder for myself and my husband. I separate the 3 compartments into a toddler plate so that he can see the different colours and taste the different textures.

The benefits of soaking your chia in advance is to allow it to expand and ferment all the good nutrients. Either wise chia seeds, which may have not been soaked can cause stomach upset as it would ferment and expand in your stomach instead.

Perfect for:

Balancing hormones

Blood sugar regulation

Family breakfasts



  • Soaked chia seeds made the night before. 2 tbs of chia soaked in a cup. 1 tbs of Greek yoghurt along with 1 cup of milk of choice - ideally almond or cashew milk is best as they would have that extra protein fix.

  • Green smoothie layer - a handful of frozen avocado slices, 1/2 banana, a handful of frozen kiwi, 2 blocks of frozen spinach, a scoop of a plant-based protein powder, 1 cup of milk.

  • Pink berries layer - a handful of frozen raspberries, 1tbs of ground almonds, 1 cup of milk, 1/4 cup of oats

  • Optional toppings - low GI sugar granola


  1. Soak chia the night before into a container - preferably glass like an old jam jar. Shake and place in fridge

  2. The next morning - blitz up the green smoothie, then pour into two large cups or bowls.

  3. Layer the chia over the top of the green

  4. Blitz up the raspberry smoothie and pour over chia

  5. Decorate your toppings of choice and some flaxseed

Chia seeds soaked last about 4 days in the fridge. So you can switch up your breakfast each morning by adding different toppings like granola, spelt flakes, oats and different fruits like pomegranate, mango and kiwi or blueberries and honey.

Note for children under one:

**Children under one cannot have honey. Remember to not add any protein powder to your child's breakfast. This is for children who have already been exposed to various different foods and do not have any allergies to the ingredients listed. If your child has just started weaning or has not eaten ground nuts and seeds then this is not an ideal recipe to start off with. It is recommended to be introduced to one food group at a time and slowly build up different toppings as you go along the weaning journey.

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