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  • Kat D'Andrea

Benefits of meal prep = Variety!

This raw japanese salad mix, I got from Planet Organic can be filled with chopped radishes, olives, raw peppers, cucumbers, long stem broccoli, coriander, parsley and you can then add quinoa, brown rice and a protein such as mixed beans, turkey, chicken or salmon.

If you work in an office then a nice soup would go nice with your pack lunch to keep you warm. What if I have no time to food prep.

Not everyone has time to prepare meals and some actually enjoy buying on the go at lunch with many different options. I have many clients in the city who can't plan their lunch as they may have food provided during a meeting, out for a lunch meeting or they pop over the road at lunch to grab a sandwich. However, there is always something you can do, when popping over to grab your lunch ensure you pick something seasonal.

As winter is here, you need warming foods so grab a soup along with your sandwich and a small pot of veggies.Most people don't eat enough at lunch or they eat too many carbohydrates and not enough veggies to keep their energy levels at bay.

If eating out for a lunch meeting then I always suggest getting an extra side dish of green leafy veg and go for a light option of a piece of protein and small carbs.

If you literally have no time to meal prep and usually stay in one spot during the week, then always have a bag of rocket, coriander and parsley in the fridge (great detoxifiers!) Or simply bring in some veggie bits on the side and have that with your meals. You can always buy these out and about! You need veggies for the nutrient content which will improve your overall health in the long run and to support your liver!

A healthy balanced meal needs protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats along with veggies & colour. Salads are difficult to eat in the winter, however, if you are more flexible and don't work in an office or work from home then add some warming foods such as seasonal butternut squash, carrots, figs, warm salmon, turkey, chicken, oven roasted veggies.

Meal prep is all about being aware of your choices and being organised in your selection.

Photo's taken by Joel Duncombe

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